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Getting Started

VetConnect PLUS is simple to use. Feel free to explore.

If you'd like a few tips before starting, browse these tutorials for getting started.

Unit Conversion

When IDEXX Reference Lab results and IDEXX In-house results are presented together for a patient, VetConnect PLUS will convert the units to a unified unit system. This allows the values to be directly compared to each other.


System Requirements

If you are having trouble viewing VetConnect PLUS on your computer, check our Minimum System Requirements and Browser Support to see if your computer meets the application's expectations.

VetConnect PLUS Customer Support

Call 1-888-433-9987 for immediate assistance.

IVLS Activation

Follow the IVLS Activation Instructions to integrate your in-house results data from your IDEXX VetLab Station.

Call for assistance:
  1. Account Administration
  2. Revert to Classic VetConnect
  3. Change Preferred Units

    Comparable Reference Lab and IVLS analytes that are reported in different unit systems are converted in VetConnect PLUS for the purposes of comparison.

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  4. Change Decimal/Digit Grouping

    Your current number format preference is
  5. Change Time Zone

    VetConnect PLUS will automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time where observed.

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